UCSB AIChE Interview Series: Jackie Nguyen

UCSB AIChE Interview Series: Jackie Nguyen

Jackie is a UCSB AIChE alumni and past president of the club. After graduation in 2010, Jackie worked for Schlumberger as a Cement Field Engineer. In 2011, she moved to NuSil Silicone Technology to pursue R&D and now works as a Technical Sales & Marketing manager at NuSil. In the video interview, Jackie Nguyen briefly discusses her decision to become a chemical engineer, the time she spent at UCSB and her career after graduation.


Microdyn-Nadir was formally known as TriSep before being acquired by Microdyn-Nadir in September.

Both Microdyn-Nadir and TriSep specialize in membrane and filtration technology such as reverse osmosis and microfiltration membrane elements.

The facility is located in Goleta within biking distance of UCSB.

Representatives from Amgen will be giving an info session about Amgen, a biopharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California.

Amgen is the world’s largest independent biotechnology firm.


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