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  The American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE) student chapter at UC Santa Barbara is a large and active student-run group. Our chapter at UC Santa Barbara has grown from only a handful of students to more than 100 regular members in the last five years. This drastic increase can be accredited to assertive leadership and expanded programming. We have three primary goals to help our AIChE chapter expand. Goals for Growth Our primary goal for the year is to familiarize our students with their opportunities outside the university. We have done this in the past by inviting members of the industry to visit our campus and talk about opportunities and their professional experiences. Additionally, this AIChE chapter has been on many trips to visit facilities around California such as Clorox, Amgen, and Raytheon. This year, we hope to get our students more exposed to the possibilities that lie ahead of them by having more contact with the industry. Second, we would like to increase our UCSB member base to include more incoming students. We currently have a mentor program that pairs junior and senior students with freshmen and sophomores to guide them through their starting years. We are hoping to expand the mentor program by making a transfer mentor program, pairing incoming transfer students with second and third year transfers. All incoming students will be encouraged to join this program in order to create a strong support group to foster success in their time at UCSB. Finally, our third goal is to increase our community involvement. As students at UCSB, we have the privilege of learning at a top rate university. We would like to give back to the community by having science-based programs for the elementary, middle, and high schools of our community. Our goals include setting up tutoring programs, holding competitions to see who can build the better chemically driven car, and having day-long events to expose young students to chemical engineering. Our Activities As an AIChE chapter, we try to be very active on our campus and community. We host monthly meetings to inform our members of academic and social events, and we have speakers at our meetings to discuss opportunities in the industry. We also hold social, academic, career, and networking events with other engineering organizations like Tau Beta Pi, Society of Women Engineers, and Los Ingenieros. AIChE is also involved in volunteering activities. During Science and Technology Day, we teach students aged 11 to 18 about chemistry and physics through fun projects such as making silly putty and foam with them. We would like to make all our goals turn into reality. However, since student membership is 100% free both nationally and for our chapter; all programs must be funded by donations. Improving our chapter requires financial support from companies like yours. With that in mind, we have designed a four-tier incentive system to encourage companies to help our chapter expand. Come visit our campus! We strongly encourage all companies to drop by, whether to host an information session, hold interviews for potential job candidates, or speak at our monthly meetings. We are a terrific group with tremendous potential.   We Want to Thank You As you can see, our AIChE chapter has a lot in mind for this coming year, and we would really appreciate your donation in order to see our program flourish. Your contribution is appreciated, and our students are grateful for your efforts. Thank you for helping the UCSB AIChE chapter improve itself and its members. We look forward to working with you and your company. Zack Privitera President Additional Information About Donating: Please make checks out to UCSB AIChE and mail to: Department of Chemical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 93106 E-mail: ucsb.aiche@gmail.com www.ucsbaiche.com