Officers 2017–2018

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Dorian Bruch is currently a third-year chemical engineering major at UCSB. He is research-driven, and plans to go to graduate school to pursue a PhD. He is very interested in medicine and disease, and plans to research treatments and vaccines for diseases in his later career. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and piano and hanging out with friends. As Co-President, Dorian wants to help connect chemical engineers with the various research opportunities that UCSB has to offer.

Contact Dorian at [email protected]

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Melissa is a research-driven individual who enjoys connecting with others and fostering collaborative environments. As the only undergraduate researcher in the Zok Group, she spends hours pondering solutions to complex issues pertaining to the design of new materials for jet engines. Inspired by Santa Barbara’s Mediterranean climate and active outdoors community, she utilizes weekends for rock climbing and taking long walks on the beach.

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Garrett is a third-year from Corona, Vice President of the UCSB Men’s Rugby Club, and Engineering Intern at Goleta Water District. He is the current Industry Chair and looks forward to a stellar year!

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Charlotte is a second year chemical engineering student from Beijing, China. Her research interests include energy efficiency, material science, and bioengineering. She is very excited to be UCSB AIChE’s Executive Student Committe Officer and strives to connect the student chapter at UCSB to the National Chapter.

Contact Charlotte at [email protected]

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Quentin is a third year chemical engineering student from Pleasanton, California. He chose to go into the subject due to his interest in chemistry and its applications. He spent his past summer in El Paso, Texas in Dr. Luis Echegoyen’s lab doing research on perovskite photovoltaics. When he has free time, Quentin enjoys playing tennis and trying new food. He is looking forward to being part of AIChE as this year’s Internal Vice President.

Contact Quentin at [email protected]

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Mitchell is third year Chemical Engineering major from Houston, Texas. He currently works for UCSB’s Instructional Development department, and provides tech support for lecture halls and at events hosted by UCSB-affiliated organizations. In his free time, he enjoys road biking and playing guitar.

Contact Mitchell at [email protected]

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Isaac is a third year Chemical Engineering student from Portland, Oregon. A family history in the semiconductor industry has him hoping to pursue an MS in Materials; however, a side affair with molecular simulation has left him wondering if a future built in gallium arsenide is meant to be. As Media Coordinator, Isaac is looking forward to building AIChE’s publicity at UCSB, as well as keeping this website running smoothly.

Contact Isaac at [email protected]

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Hunter is a third year chemical engineering student at UCSB. This past summer, she interned at Vascular BioSciences, a biotech startup, as a member of the quality control team. She is passionate about fitness and hopes to merge her knowledge of fitness and engineering by pursuing a career in the supplement industry. As internal department chair, she hopes to connect chemical engineering students with the prestigious faculty here at UCSB.

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Mia is a Chemical Engineering undergraduate pursuing a minor in German. She loves to travel, jog, read, and sing. She grew up on a ranch and was heavily involved in 4-H, a youth agricultural leadership program. Currently, she works for the Goleta Water District as an engineering intern; she previously worked at a brewery as a quality assurance intern.

Contact Mia at [email protected]