Officers 2018–2019

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Quentin is a fourth year chemical engineering student from Pleasanton, California. He chose to go into the subject due to his interest in chemistry and its applications. He spent this past summer in Colorado working at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory doing biofuel research. When he has free time, Quentin enjoys playing tennis and trying new food. He is looking forward to providing more industrial and research opportunities to the UCSB chemical engineers.

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Melissa is a research-driven individual who enjoys connecting with others and fostering collaborative environments. As the only undergraduate researcher in the Zok Group, she spends hours pondering solutions to complex issues pertaining to the design of new materials for jet engines. Inspired by Santa Barbara’s Mediterranean climate and active outdoors community, she utilizes weekends for rock climbing and taking long walks on the beach.

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Jacob Brooks is a third year chemical engineering student from Huntington Beach. He has interned in IT but is currently doing research in computational methods for Many-Body Perturbation Theory. Besides engineering, he loves creating and consuming music and literature as well as studying chess and programming.

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Charlotte is a third year in chemical engineering from Beijing, China. She is currently a lab assistant in Matt Helgeson’s group. Her research focuses on synthesizing nanogels using double nanoemulsion with Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) compounds. She wants to go to graduate school to pursue a PhD degree in chemical engineering because she is very passionate about research and open ended questions. She is very excited about learning more physics and spectroscopy with Professor Gordon.

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Nikola is a second-year chemical engineering major at UCSB. He is currently an undergraduate researcher in Dr. O’Malley’s lab, studying the anaerobic gut fungi of herbivores for applications in bio-fuel production and drug discovery. As this year’s Industry Chair, Nikola hopes to expand industry connections and help facilitate a greater number of company recruitment events and info sessions.

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Ginny is a second-year chemical engineering student who is also the internal vice president of the Engineering Student Council. She loves to read and paint on her free-time and is taking a CCS art class. Building a collaborative and welcoming environment within the college of engineering is crucial for Ginny. Therefore, she is excited to bring people together through social events.

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Isaac is a fourth year Chemical Engineering student from Portland, Oregon. A family history in the semiconductor industry has Isaac pursuing an MS in Materials through UCSB’s 4+1 BS/MS program; however, a side affair with data science has left him wondering if a future built in gallium arsenide is meant to be. As Media Coordinator, Isaac is looking forward to building AIChE’s publicity at UCSB, as well as keeping this website running smoothly.

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Mia is a fourth year chemical engineering student at UCSB. This is her third year as an AIChE officer. She is passionate about her studies and has spent the last three summers interning for a brewery, water district, and mining company. Although Mia is interested in all chemical engineering disciplines, she has a deep interest in the mining and petroleum industries.

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