Officers 2021–2022

Abhiram Devata

Abhiram Devata


Abhiram is a third year chemical engineering major from Fremont, California. Driven by a passion to optimize energy usage, he is interested in the intersection of material science and energy efficiency of small-scale electronics. He currently researches optical emission and characterization of III-Nitride metasurfaces and materials for solid-state electronic devices with the Gordon lab. Outside of academics, he enjoys folding Origami and speedsolving various Rubik’s cubes.

Yu Ling Zeng

Yu Ling Zeng

External Vice President

Yu Ling is a third year chemical engineering major originally from Montreal, Canada and currently living in LA. While still unsure, she is interested in pharmaceuticals or statistical analysis.  Outside of chemical engineering, she enjoys roller skating, painting and finding good food.

Alan Lim

Internal Vice President

Alan is a fourth year chemical engineering major from Cerritos, CA. He currently works in the Gordon Lab on protein spectroelectrochemistry. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a career in biotechnology or bioengineering. Outside of chemical engineering, he likes to garden, play basketball, and play video games.

Andrew Kwon


Andrew is a second year chemical engineering major from Pleasanton, California. He is interested in learning more about sustainable energy, and currently works in the Clément Lab, where he is optimizing alluaudite-phase cathode material for sodium ion battery applications. Outside of school, he enjoys watching YouTube and playing/watching basketball and tennis.

Sofia Rivalta Popescu

Outreach Chair

Sofia is a second year chemical engineering major from Santa Monica, California. Her main interests include physical electrochemistry. She is currently working on improving single-entity electrochemistry as a method for in-situ sizing of insulating nanoparticles. Outside of chemical engineering, she enjoys drawing and playing video games.

Alan Stoev

Industry Chair

Alan is a second year chemical engineering major from Pleasanton, CA. His main interests are in catalysis, surface science, and battery science. He is currently working in the Chmelka Lab running reaction tests, characterization and synthesis of zeolites. Outside of chemical engineering he likes to surf and read.

Stephanie Anujarerat

Stephanie Anujarerat

Media Chair / Webmaster

Stephanie is a third year chemical engineering major from Cerritos, CA. Her main interests lie in bioengineering—she enjoys learning about how biological systems can play a role in production or inspire other materials. She is currently participating in research with membrane remodeling with the Takatori lab. In her spare time, she enjoys going on walks, gardening, and reading (and is always up for discussing speculative fiction).

Saam Farzam

Internal Department Chair

Saam is a third-year chemical engineering major from Encino, CA. His primary interest is understanding the interactions and transformation of molecules in reactions, surface chemistry, and catalysis. He currently researches on developing new catalytic mechanisms in upcycling plastic waste to value-added chemicals with the Scott research group. Outside of chemical engineering, He likes to cycle, workout, and play the drums.

Juan Gutierrez

Social Chair

Juan is a third year chemical engineering student from Hesperia, California.  His main interests are in biomaterials and biomolecular engineering.   He is currently participating in DNA self-assembly research in the Saleh lab and is studying biopolymer elasticity.  In his spare time, he likes to go surfing, play video games, and listen to music. 

Allen Loomis

Freshman Representative

Allen is a first year chemical engineering major from Santa Clara, California. As an incoming freshman, he is exploring interests in renewable energy, water sanitation, and learning more about the chemical engineering field. Allen volunteers with the Research Experience Education Facility (REEF) at UCSB and trains to eventually support marine biology education programs for Santa Barbara community youth once safe from COVID-19. In his spare time, Allen enjoys photographing sunsets, and scuba diving.

Jenny Yoon

Freshman Representative

Jenny is a first year chemical engineering student from Seoul, Korea, but was raised in Ann Arbor, MI, and Hong Kong. Her interests involve sustainability, photocatalysis, and water purification – she wants to help address the energy crisis by creating fuel and electricity. Outside of chemical engineering, she likes to go out with friends, snowboard, and go on spontaneous trips!

Ritika Mitra

Project Lead

Ritika is a second year chemical engineering student from San Ramon, California. She is interested in electronic & photonic materials and its application in various fields. Currently, she is researching on light extraction in Nitride metasurfaces with the Gordon Lab. During her free time, she enjoys listening to music and going on long runs along the beach.

Scott Phan

Project Lead

Scott is a third year chemical engineering student from Elk Grove, CA, but was raised in Newark, CA. He is interested in the aerospace and defense industries. He has a broader interest in structural materials science. He is currently researching the optimization of composite overwrap fabrication and processing for thrust chambers with NASA Langley Research Center. Outside of university, he enjoys fashion, sneakers, and long walks on the beach. He is a former enjoyer of gaming and binge watching movies, but has yet to find time this year.